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Prio® MOD600 — Flagman Direct Flow (Tankless) Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

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This flagman tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system consists of two units: the innovative electronic control unit with LED indicators, auto-flush and powerful booster pump, and the R.O. filtration unit with high-production R.O. membrane and filters. Together, they provide direct flow capability of on-demand water filtration in real time,...

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Prio® K871 — 5 micron Sediment Poly Block Pre-Filter

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Sediment pre-filter  5-micron sediment poly block pre-filter to filter suspended particles such as dirt, sand, rust, etc. Effective reduction of: - rust, dirts, sand and sediment - other contaminants* Compatible with all M-, MO-, MOD-series of water purifiers.

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Prio® K870 — Coconut Carbon Block Pre-Filter

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Activated carbon pre-filter Carbon block to reduce free chlorine, chloramines, chlorine taste and odor. Effective reduction of: - dirts, sand and sediment - taste and odor, including chlorine taste and odor - other contaminants* Compatible with all M-, MO-, MOD-series of water purifiers.

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Direct Flow R.O.

Direct Flow R.O.

Direct flow (tankless) R.O. water filtration systems are the latest, modern addition to the line of R.O. filtration machines. This high technology is a huge leap forward due to multiple benefits and advantages over the traditional systems with a storage tanks.

Key benefits are:

• Strong, unlimited and sustainable pure water flow filtered in real time. Water is always fresh, and is always available on demand.
• Waste water savings by the order of 3 to 5 times. Truly, a game change for both cities and single households in terms of costs and precious water resources savings.
• Also, you enjoy better purification due to auto-flush, higher rejection rate and longer service life of pre-filters and membrane.
• Space saving and flex installation.
• Less frequent pre-filter(s) change due to increased recovery adds up to lower cost of ownership further.
• Commercial heavy duty use ready.

It's a winning combination of advantages that puts these high end machines to a new level of performance and customer's satisfaction.

Needless to say, these models incorporate best filtration media, parts and technology available today and stay on top of our product line aiming at delivering the ultimate quality drinking water.

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Prio® P500 — PoU Direct Flow R.O. Bottleless Hot&Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

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Innovative Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Point-of-Use Bottleless Water Dispenser with Hot & Cold Water Spouts. Ideal pure water delivering machine for office, home and public spaces. Heavy duty, eco-friendly, water- and money-saving. Real-time R.O. filtration and no room-temperature storage tank mean always fresh water, hygienic cleanliness and less...

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